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Happy Bondi is an Online Magazine for Adventurers!

Why adventure?  To explain here’s a short excerpt from the essay “Adventure as Happiness”. (You can find the full essay under the “Essays and Interviews” category).

Adventure can make us happy because it always brings something new to the senses and provides a release and a joy and a challenge.  We are outside ourselves when we have an adventure.  Adventure doesn’t have to be a 365 day round the world trip.  It can be simply taking your camera or paint brush to the beach or taking a walk somewhere near where you live.  Adventure as happiness is something we all need.  Take a chance, take your life outside and enjoy the beauty of the world around you.  It will make you happier.  It surely works for me.

Adventure makes us happy.  This is the “why” of Happy Bondi.  I hope you enjoy our little adventures, thoughts, ideas and some of the things and places we love.

Warm regards, Kim and Delo

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