Adventure of a Lifetime: Hiking the Greater Patagonian Trail

Adventure of a Lifetime: Hiking the Greater Patagonian Trail
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Filmmaker Garrett Martin put together a team of young explorers and traveled to Chile to make the film of a lifetime.  What was the project?  Make a film about the Greater Patagonian Trail – its beauty and its wildness.  The Greater Patagonian Trail is 3000 kilometers of loosely connected trails beginning just outside of Santiago, Chile and heading south to the tip of South America.  To make a film such as this, Martin and his team – Aljoscha Adam, Robyn Mclellan and Anthony Brogno – would have to bring all of their combined knowledge, spirt of adventure and toughness to bear for four months of hiking, pack rafting, mountain and glacier climbing through almost completely unknown territory.



The goal of the project was to document through film, places and people that most of us will never have the opportunity to meet or see.  The Greater Patagonian Trail encompasses forty sections of incredible landscapes through which the team had to hike, climb, and pack raft to reach their destination.  The film, called Unbounded is about this experience.  It is about conservation of lands and rivers, and of preserving our planet.  Along the way, the team met with top environmentalists and locals, taking the time to hear their stories and their views of the Patagonia they know.

Making the film was a labor of love.  Not many people know about the fragile ecosystems of Patagonia ranging along this relatively unknown trail – the longest continual trail in South America.  The crew spent four months carrying 50 pound packs and traveling to incredible places including dense forests, snow-capped mountains, raging rivers, active volcanoes, barren deserts, all in an effort to capture the wild lands and rivers of one of the most isolated and unique places on Earth.

After returning from South America, the crew set to work to finish the film that they are calling “Unbounded”.  Making the film itself was no easy task but now the editing begins.  Martin and the team put together a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help with professional editing and getting the film into film festivals around the world.

Ultimately, this is a story of having a dream and following through even when it takes you to the ends of the Earth.  The journey so far has not been easy.  Martin and the team have sacrificed their time and own funds to capture what only a few in the world have seen.  The idea of saving these wild lands comes through people understanding the importance of conserving such places.  It takes people who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and to take a risk on something that perhaps at the outset they don’t really know if it can be done.  But they take one step at a time to accomplish their dreams.  Martin and Co. have achieved their goals to document a very special place and the wonderful people and animals of the region.  The final step is to finish the film and to have it distributed for all to see.

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