Art, Bicycles and Movement from the Czech Republic

Art, Bicycles and Movement from the Czech Republic
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Art, Bicycles and Movement from the Czech Republic

Czech Republic based bicycle frame builder Festka has created custom made bicycles for the last four years.  Recently though they teamed up with Prague artists Tomski (Lukas Tomek) and Polanski (llona Polanska) to create the Festka Artist Collection.  The result is a moving work of art with birds and wings covering the frame and every part of the 001 bicycle.  So far there are three artist concepted designs in the series.

“When Tomski & Polanski accepted our offer to design the frame finish, they came up with a theme that draws on the natural element of wind in its literal and figurative reach.  Freshness, spontaneous power, the ever changing colors of the sky and the drifting clouds take you flying like the birds and lets you become an active part of the universe.  The color scheme may remind you of a super hero and wake up the noble character in you.  It also matches our national colors.  ‘Captain Czech Republic conquers America’.”

Tomek and Polanska are both young Czech artists who call themselves “four hands illustrators”.  Their work can be found in Wes Anderson’s film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.  Their designs and art aesthetic perfectly suited for such a whimsical and colorful film.

The Urban Zero is designed as a bike for commuting.  It handles easily and has one gear making it light weight, maneuverable, uncomplicated and a joy to ride.  The Gates Carbon Belt Drive system is completely silent, leaving you to your thoughts and to enjoy riding this beautifully designed bike.  The underlying design is a classic steel frame.  The frame “has the same style of linking with carbon because we like the way it looks.  The secret of carbon tubes structure lies in a unique zero degree axial fiber laying process developed through ongoing research, analysis and practical application.  The difference that a few degrees make is pretty significant.  We are talking about 15% in stiffness and up to 40% in strength.  It is highly resistant to mechanical damage.”

Festka’s hand made designs are nothing short of pure art.





Photography from

Frame Price: $3,600 USD

Bike Price: $8,900 USD

The design can be placed on any Festka frame, however, only four frames will be painted by Tomski & Polanski.

More information about Festka:

Each frame comes with a birth certificate that was personally signed by the whole Festka family who participated on its production. We don’t have a factory in China but a number of workshops all over the Czech republic. Each and every part of our frames comes from local production. We believe in craftsmanship, in experience of masters, in individual approach and we constantly strive to come up with innovative approach to work with traditional and new age materials. Our family members share passion for seemingly crazy ideas, enjoy moving from a place to place on two wheels and long to be better than good. Festka is cycling built on pleasure.

There is a bunch of cycle enthusiasts behind Festka. Personalities who had decided to transform their love for bicycles into a life long enterprise and would like to create a community of likewise thinking people. It might sound like some amateurs told themselves “ok, let’s build some bikes!”.

The whole project is based on a professional cycling experience that starts at domestic road races and continues across big races abroad such as the Peace race to special races such as the European (nowadays mostly German) sixies (six day races) on a track. During this period we met many professional cyclists but above all people who know bicycles from screw to crank. People who work daily with materials, technologies and processes connected to bicycles and know the pros and cons of it all. They are experts of all age groups and specialisations who have become a source of information and experience and thanks to them we learn something new every day.

We love music, design, graphic design and art. We are city children loving nature. In fixie culture we perceive the perfect mariage of modern city style with regard to environment and we want to show people that a rider necessarily does not have to be a muddy, sweaty creature in a tight colourful sports jersey. That’s why we want to focus not only on bikes but also to look for high quality clothes made with taste and for cyling, messenger bags and small but distinctive accessories.

Each of us has a distinctive style, ways of thinking and own ideas about how a bicycle should look like but we all respect traditional values and would like to continue with a pure Czech cycling tradition. We would like to let people know, here in the Czech republic but also abroad that “a Czech bike has not yet said its last words”.

A bicycle represented in past centuries a social event and we want to bring back its glamour and fame back. To show that a bike is a high – quality means of transport, fashion accessory and a demonstration of an individual personality tuned into the tiniest detail.

Each bicycle should be tailor-made for each rider in order to create a unique piece of work, some kind of individual alter ego that would mirror rider’s personality. To match best the taste of each rider a personal contact is important. We want to know the interests, needs and habits of the rider. Bicycles, as well as their owners, are handled with maximum care. Therefore, to build one frame takes about 50 hours.

We are open to any ideas, impulses, questions, suggestions to improve the way we do things and present them. Anyone can contact us, join us in the process of creating a bicycle and become a part of Festka. Anyone can have an original vision or idea that can catch our attention and forward us further, higher, closer…

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