Bike of the Day: Yeti SB5C

Bike of the Day: Yeti SB5C
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Bike of the Day: Yeti SB5C

Yeti’s SB5C Mountain Bike is something completely new.  It can climb with ease, ride down steep trails with certainty and confidence and take on those long haul rides without a problem.  While there are lots of great mountain bikes out there and many that can be considered world class, Yeti SB5C is in a class of its own.  Why?  Yeti’s Switch Infinity Suspension system is the game changer.  The design is centered around a main pivot that allows controlled positioning with precision and strength allowing the rider to feel in control at all times.  The main pivot lays on a pair of Fox made Kashima-coated mini stanchions.  Competitive Cyclist’s video below, shows the Yeti Switch Infinity Suspension system in action.  You can see how smooth the ride is over all terrain.  In fact, some have said that this bike is the “Mountain Bike of the Year”.  Can’t argue with that!

Yeti describes the SB5C: 

“We’ve taken all we’ve learned from our popular Switch Technology and merged it with our bump smashing 303 Rail Technology to come up with a completely new suspension design called Switch Infinity.

This new system allows the suspension to achieve seemingly contradictory characteristics. In the early stage of the travel it displays superior pedaling efficiency and excellent small bump sensitivity. As you move deeper into the travel, it is well supported and responds effortlessly to square edge hits.

What does that mean from a rider’s perspective? You can hammer away in all conditions, including rough, chunky ascents with zero loss in efficiency. You don’t get knocked off-line, and you have amazing traction. Point it down and it’s very fast. The controlled mid-stroke keeps the bike composed through rough terrain and g-outs, while allowing it to open up when encountering bigger hits deeper in the travel.

Our geometry has always been progressive and mirrors our gravity-influenced riding style — long top tube, low bottom bracket, and slack head angle. This allows the bike to achieve great front to rear balance when descending. When pounding the pedals uphill, you’ll appreciate the seat tube has been moved forward a bit to put the rider in the optimum pedaling position. It feels right from the moment you get on it.

And here’s the bell ringer — the frame weighs just 5.1 pounds and is very stiff, so you can hold your line no matter how hard you push.”


TRAVEL 5″ (127MM)
WEIGHT 5.1 LBS (2.31 KG)
WHEELS 27.5″
R.SHOCK FOX CTD ADJUST BV (7.875” x 2.0”)
R.WHEEL 142mm X 12mm  (Shimano 12mm QR Axle Only)
F.DERAILLEUR D-Type (Shimano Top-Pull Only)

PRICING from Yeti Cycles

SB5C (FRAME ONLY) Float CTD Adjust BV 5.1 LBS $3,399
SB5C ENDURO Float CTD Adjust BV $4,999
SB5C RACE Float CTD Adjust BV $6,299
SB5C RACE + ENVE WHEELS Float CTD Adjust BV $8,699
SB5C X01 Float CTD Adjust BV 25.5 LBS $6,599
SB5C X01 + ENVE WHEELS Float CTD Adjust BV 25.0 LBS $8,999
SB5C XTR Float CTD Adjust BV 24.6 LBS $10,599

Yeti SC5C Overview by Competitive Cyclist

Yeti SB5C Overview from on Vimeo.

As Yeti’s newest SuperBike, and the first to feature the all-new Switch Infinity suspension platform, the SB5C has big shoes to fill. We hit the trails on the SB5C to find out exactly what it’s capable of, and we discovered that there isn’t much that this lightweight trail rocket can’t handle with ease.


Yeti Switch Infinity Overview by Competitive Cyclist

Yeti Switch Infinity Overview from on Vimeo.

As the heart of the SB-66, SB-75, and SB-95, Yeti’s Switch Link has earned a devoted following, but our friends in Golden knew that they could still do better. Enter the carbon fiber SB5C, featuring Yeti’s all-new Switch Infinity suspension platform. Before it hit the market, we sat down with some of Yeti’s key players to discuss the development of Switch Infinity, and what it means for the next generation of the Yeti SuperBike.

You can find out more about Competitive Cyclist at their website:

For more information about Yeti Cycles and the SB5C check out Yeti Cycles website: Yeti Cycles

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