Camping and Hiking Among the Redwoods

Camping and Hiking Among the Redwoods
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Looking for a wonderful place to go camping?  How about Redwood National Park and California State Parks (RNSP) in Northern California.  Here you will find several parks close to one another including Redwood National Park, as well as California’s Del Norte Coast, Jedediah Smith and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.  Between the parks they protect approximately 45% of all of the coast redwood old growth forests that remain.  The area encompasses not only the old growth forest but also the rugged coastline of Northern California.

Redwood National Park has four campgrounds within the park: Elk Prairie, Mill Creek and the Jedediah Smith Campgrounds are located along the roadside on the forest side of the park.  The campgrounds accommodate tents and RV’s and have some facilities such as water, showers and toilets.  From the campgrounds you can head out into the forest to explore streams and ferns as well as the beauty of the tallest trees on earth.  You can take on hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, walking on the beach – almost any outdoor activity and enjoy the evening around the campfire.


Redwood National Park


One of the best things about the parks is that feeling of truly being in the wild as the trees isolate you from the outside world.  The parks encompass prairies, oak woodlands, old growth redwood forests, pristine rivers, and almost 40 miles of wild raw coastline.  This is a place for adventure.

Hiking through a redwood grove and experiencing the mossed covered rocks, the tinkling of water in small streams and the trees standing silent and tall is an amazing experience.  Mornings often begin with fog wafting through the trees,  there is a certain serenity in that quiet beauty of the forest.

There are over 200 miles of hiking trails, some easier and shorter than other.  Backcountry hiking is also possible with a permit.  Elevations in the park range from sea level to as high as 3000 feet.  There is definitely something for everyone where a slow hiker, a trail runner, beach comber, photographer or filmmaker.



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