Carabiner Coffee Company On The Go – Literally!

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Literally on the Go, Erik Gordon spreads his love and friendship while serving up hot cappuccinos from his cool vintage V.W. van.  He’s a traveller, an adventurer, and a philosopher.  And, incredibly down to earth.  He considers the people he meets to be friends.  Erik’s ideas on life and enjoying the world around you are infectious.  Coming up with the idea of the Carabiner Coffee Company as a great way to connect with people certainly works.  Coffee connects the world.  Instead of being alone, Erik offers his coffee as a way to connect with interesting people and to hear their stories.

It reminds me of a lady that opened her apartment once a month to have complete strangers come to dinner.  I don’t remember her name or where she lived, but the idea of opening up to people from around the world to meet them and share some time with them sounds wonderful.  I remember when I worked at Aspen Highlands in Colorado.  In the bottom of the hotel we had a youth hostel.  Also, my room was down there along with everyone else who worked at the hotel and the people staying at the hostel.  Becoming a part of that place was incredible.  I made friends from all over the world.  My Swedish friend Stefan taught me how to ski – as an Aussie it was my first time.  So relating to Erik and his journey of friendship through Carabiner Coffee Company reminds me of times in my life when I experienced a similar feeling.  A feeling of oneness with the world and feeling lucky to know all of the people that passed through my life.  I’m sure that Erik feels the same.


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