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Happy Bondi is a global adventure travel magazine.  Our readers are adventurers.  They are interested in living a great life and love nature and outdoor recreation including hiking, surfing, traveling, cycling, photography, filmmaking – anything that involves enjoying life to the fullest.  Our readers are sophisticated yet come from all walks of life and corners of the globe.  They are concerned about the environment, sustainability and sweat shop free gear and products.  They are also interested in quality over quantity and tend to be interested in doing and experiencing life to the fullest rather than acquiring goods for their own sake.  Happiness comes from the experiences we have in life and our readers recognize this concept.

Happy Bondi offers opportunities for banner advertisements, sponsorship of columns on our site and other possibilities.  Because we value our readers and our advertisers, we do not offer sponsored posts or other advertising that is not genuine or that misleads readers.  The value of Happy Bondi comes from honest articles and editorial interviews on one hand and then advertising that is truly that – advertising.  We love our sponsors and advertisers and only publish advertisements for products or services we believe are truly great and that can be of benefit to our readers.  There are many great companies that we would be proud to place on Happy Bondi.  If you would like to discuss advertising on Happy Bondi please send us an email and we can discuss your goals.  Thank you and looking forward to working with you.

For advertising enquiries, please contact Kim Anglin at  Thank you.  


If you want to write to us about the editorial content of Happy Bondi or just to say hello, then you are welcome to drop us a note at

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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