Happy Bondi’s Guide to Staying Young: Keep Your Mind and Body Active

Happy Bondi’s Guide to Staying Young:  Keep Your Mind and Body Active
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Keeping yourself active is an important part of staying young.  If you always do the same thing over and over your mind will atrophy.  If you fail to exercise you will also lose your flexibility and strength and sense of wellbeing that comes with exercise.

To keep your mind active, try new things.  Try a new recipe, a new restaurant, meet some new friends.  How about trying a new activity or just going freelance for a change.  Try something new and engaging and you will find you are more alive.  Using your mind can also mean giving your mind time to meditate.  Letting go.  As long as it is something that you don’t normally do it will work to refresh your brain cells and make your life more enjoyable.

As for keeping your body active – we need to stretch our muscles – whether through yoga or running or surfing or walks on the beach – as long as we are active we give our body the gift of rejuvenation.  Also activity will keep our bones strong and make us more flexible and supple.  As we age our bodies become stiffer as our muscles are less flexible.  By moving our  muscles we continue to have strength and flexibility. This can also prevent injuries as well.  Try to do a workout routine that engages every part of your body at least 4 times a week.  Use the other days for more specific exercise or for leisurely workouts.

If you feel stiff just try to do something each day.   As the weeks go by you will find that you can do a little more each day.  By keeping your mind and body active and trying new things life becomes more fun.  And after all that is what we want from life – some fun and enjoyment.  Keeping our bodies and mind strong makes it easy to have a good life.

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