Happy Bondi’s Guide to Staying Young: Pre-load With Water To Lose Weight And Feel Great!

Happy Bondi’s Guide to Staying Young: Pre-load With Water To Lose Weight And Feel Great!
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Everyone has heard about carbo-loading before a big event like a marathon but how about pre-loading with water to stay young and healthy and to lose weight?  Our bodies are primarily water but it seems that we forget that we need to keep hydrated with this wonderful natural substance – so simple – just drink more water to keep our skin looking fresh, to hydrate our muscles, our organs, and every part of our body.  Ever noticed how you feel good after drinking water?  Our mood improves with water consumption.  In addition, researchers from the University of Birmingham in the U.K. have found that pre-loading with water before each meal helps you to lose weight.  As soon as read this research finding I ran to get my water bottle!  More water for me please!

This groundbreaking study took 84 obese adults.  They asked approximately half of the study group to pre-load with water by consuming about a pint of water half an hour before eating a meal.  The other half of the group were told to imagine being full before eating a meal.  Those that pre-loaded with water lost on average 2.87 lbs more than those in the control group.  Additionally, those that pre-loaded before all three meals lost about 9.84 lbs over the 12 week study.  Those who only pre-loaded once were day or not at all lost only 1.76 lbs despite both groups being informed of ways to improve their diet and physical activity levels prior to the study beginning.

Thus, drinking water before your main meals can have a huge impact on your weight and well-being.  Imagine the impact over the course of a year!  This is a simple thing that everyone can do.  No need to count calories or to buy expensive groceries.  Anyone can improve their health and lose weight using this method.  Of course it completely makes sense.  Drinking more water reduces the amount of food we consume and keeps us feeling fuller.  Added benefits of course are that we are flushing out toxins and increasing our ability to digest foods and refresh ourselves as well.

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