Happy Bondi’s Guide To Staying Young: Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation!

Happy Bondi’s Guide To Staying Young: Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation!
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When you want to reduce muscle tension try progressive muscle relaxation.  Lay down in a comfortable place either indoors or outside at the beach or a park or out in your back yard .  After you lay down, begin to tense your muscles for a short time then release them.  You can start with your facial muscles – tense them, then relax.  Try to do this with each part of your body.  Tense each shoulder, then relax.  Tense your hands, then relax.  Do this all over your body rotating through each part then go around again for 3 sessions.

When you tense your muscles they should be at 70 to 80 percent tightness.  Don’t tighten them too much.  Just enough so you can feel the tightness but without pain.  Like a clenched fist.  Then release.  This series of exercises will allow you to lose any stress or tension you have and to relax.  Try doing this for a few minutes then lay on your back with your arms out – not too far but away from your body and let everything go.

Don’t think about anything.  Just be in peace and enjoy the moment.  If you are outside, listen and feel the movement of the air over your body, listen to the waves at the beach or for birds in the trees.  Just let everything go.  If you do this exercise for 20 minutes or more, you’ll feel revived.  Take a large glass of cool water afterwards to refresh.  You’ll be feeling as good as gold.

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