HB Gear: Tentsile Tree Tents, Magic in the Forest or on a Beach!

HB Gear: Tentsile Tree Tents, Magic in the Forest or on a Beach!
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HB Gear: Tentsile Tree Tents, Magic in the Forest or on a Beach!

Tentsile tree tents are amazing!  Part hammock, part tent, and part dream under the sky,  these portable tree tents bring back the excitement of spending a night under the stars.  Tentsile is just a few years old but they have already captured the imagination of many diehard adventurers and environmentalists.   When I first saw these tents I was in love.  But then you start to think about would it be easy to set up and what are the advantages of this type of tent – other than the purely aesthetic experience and fun of being a kid in the trees. In essence I was asking myself, would the serious minded camper use something like this?  The answer is yes.

Portable tree tents have a few advantages over a standard tent on the ground.  You can pitch a tree tent between the trees and avoid those rocks sticking into your back all night.  Also avoids muddy ground or ground covered in ants or bugs.  I remember the last time I went to Zion National Park, we walked around and picked a campsite early in the morning and we were getting ready to pitch our ground tent and we noticed a lot of ants.  Big ones!  Thousands of them.  Then we noticed all the little holes in the ground.  At first we thought we should walk around and see if there was a better spot in the campground, but they were all the same.  Lots of bugs.  So we pitched the tent and decided we would be super diligent about zipping it up with the idea to lock the bugs out.  I have to admit I was thinking “Oh man, I am going to be itching all night just thinking about this.”  But luckily after hiking the rest of the day I was too tired to think about it.  And it worked.  With the tree tents though you avoid that problem all together or at least you aren’t placing the tent directly on top of ant hill.

Another great advantage of the tree tent is just the pure fun of it.  And, the beauty of looking up and watching the night sky.  These tents are also good for storing your stuff off the ground and you can also create a little tree tent city in the trees with multiple tree tents.  Essentially you could create a grouping of little pods for more people or gear.  In sandy locations you avoid the entire problem of not being able to secure the tent and at the same time have the joy of being between palm trees on the beach.  What a life!

One of the reviewers for Tentsile Tree Tents on their website said:

“…I ran a successful KickStarter campaign to fund an expedition to UjungKulon National park in Indonesia to photograph the incredibly rare Javan Rhino. The area is thick jungle so I needed a tent that I could rely on to provide both comfort and protection against mosquitoes and other unwanted visitors to my tent. There was also the possibility of having rhinos come through the campsite so I wasn’t keen to be on the ground.
Having searched the internet I found Tentsile tents. They looked like the answer, so I used the Connect two person tent. The tent was amazing! I used it for 8 weeks and it performed faultlessly. At times I had heavy tropical rain and the fly provided a completely dry enclosure. What was really good was that the tent didn’t get hot and stuffy as I have experienced in standard ground tents in these conditions. The tent allowed for fresh air to come in and I never felt hot and uncomfortable.
The rangers accompanying me were very impressed with the way the tent looked, like a flying saucer in the jungle! I also used the LuminAID solar light which I kept in the tent. Enough light came through the fly during the day to keep the light fully charged for the whole trip without having to take the light from the tent to recharge.
Oh yes I did have rhinos come through the campsite, three times, and I felt safe and secure in the suspended tent.”

Steven, Wildlife Photographer.  

These tents have an innate ability just by their construction and use to make for a really memorable adventure.

You can find out more about these tree tents at:

Tentsile Tree Tents

10419976_1076699335690665_7023806797724731331_n_grandePhoto by Travis Burke. Featuring Ryan Robinson and his Tentsile Tree Tent. 

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