Hiking Beautiful Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna Beach, California

Hiking Beautiful Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna Beach, California
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I recently moved to Laguna Beach in California and I found a wonderful California State Park that I couldn’t wait to start using on a regular basis.  One of the reasons I chose to live in Laguna Beach was because there were so many things to do and see in the outdoors and particularly at the beach.  I couldn’t wait to move and now that I am here I started a daily routine that includes a wonderful hike along the Pacific coast of California inside Crystal Cove State Park.  The park is run by the State of California and it includes an underwater marine park, tide pools, beaches and places to watch the grey whales migrating down the Pacific coast from Alaska to Baja California in Mexico and back again from December to April each year.  You can see other whales also.


Arrival at the park.

Today it was the day after Christmas so after I got back home I decided to drive down to the beach and take the walk along the bluffs from Reef Point.  There is a very convenient parking lot there and it is easy to hit the trail from there.  It wasn’t too crowded as it was a bit cold after several winter storms had come through.  It rained a lot – lots of beautiful raindrops and life giving water which is really welcome here since we are in a very long drought.  Not to mention the amazing sound of the rain.  I love it!

As you can see from the parking situation, even elderly people can park their car and watch the waves and the sunset or sunrise if they are up that early.



From the top of the bluffs you can see the many coves and the reefs and tide pools along the beaches.  It is a bit of wilderness and has a remoteness about it even though it is close to town.  The brush on top of the bluffs is still quite dry and shows the signs of the drought.  It is still interesting and wonderful.  There is quite a lot of chaparral on the cliffs with lots of wildlife living there including rattle snakes, bobcats, and other smaller animals.



The bluff side trail along the top of the cliffs is paved and you can bring your dog and even ride a bike.  It is wide enough for everyone and so you don’t feel too cramped.


Some of the local girls taking snap shots of themselves on one of the trails from going back up from the beach.  One of the things that is nice is that people of all ages enjoy the beach and the trails including kids, and teenagers, and families as well as runners, hikers and the family dog out for a jaunt.



The beach itself has reefs and rocky outcroppings with tide pools and marine life.  Some thing nice to explore and for photographs too.



Since it was later in the day and the sun sets very early in December, the light hit the sandstone in the cliffs creating a golden light.  You can see people on the upper trail on top of the bluffs.  The trail down to the beach isn’t too bad.  It’s a bit steep but not too bad and most people should be able to manage it even if they take a couple of breaks on the way back up.



The ocean is always beautiful when it forms little pools and bubbles of foam as it spreads across the sand on the last of its journey across the globe.



Fat bike riding along the beach at low tide.  The beach is 3.2 miles long and you can go around each cove during low tide.



On the hike back to the car.  The sun setting over the Pacific Ocean.


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