Hiking Gear: Review of the Klymit Insulated Double V Sleeping Pad

Hiking Gear: Review of the Klymit Insulated Double V Sleeping Pad
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Klymit has designed the best in luxury sleeping pads for hikers and campers.  Heck, even for your visiting guests!  I was very impressed with the design of the pad which has the comfort of a regular mattress and the sturdiness to support two people with plenty of room.  I found the pad to be a delight to sleep on and in fact, before I even took it camping I gave it a try in my living room.  Turns out it is good for a rest even at home.  Even my little cat named Boo liked it!


Inflate button

The pad is made of a polyester material and has “V” shaped patterns that allow air to be heated beneath your body.  Much like the idea of a wet suit that traps water between you and the ocean and thereby keeping you warm as your body heat warms the water, the Klymit Insulated Double V heats the air between the “V”s and keeps you nice and toasty.  I never felt the cold of the ground as the 4.4 rated R-Value of the pad lives up to its design and kept a several inch layer between me and the cold Sierra Nevada ground.  I was in a tent in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California at 29 degrees F which is below freezing and I did not feel the cold from the ground at all.


Using the storage bag to inflate the Klymit pad

One of the nicest things about this design is that because the pad has a lot of depth to it, even when you roll over you don’t feel the hardness of the ground.  It was like sleeping on a luxury bed.  I haven’t had such a comfortable bed-like experience in all my camping years.  Additionally, I liked the size of the Double V because it filled my two person tent perfectly.  (Limelight 2 Person tent by Marmot).  Thus, there were no problems of having to stay on a single skinny mat.  I have tried many pads over the years.  Most are not comfortable and have little more padding than the ground.  More recent tries have been on name brand pads that were so small that you had to readjust to stay on top of the pad each time you rolled over.  Not to mention that the pads were so tailored that you could still feel the cold from the bottom of the tent as you were only really perched on top of a pad as big as a person.  This Klymit is for two people but it sure is comfortable and it does eliminate the problem of a small pad with no cold space in between two pads or around one person on a pad.

The Klymit Double V Insulated Sleeping Pad in its Storage Pad.  Nice handle to carry it with also.

Klymit has developed an ingenious system of using the storage bag as a pump.  You simply open the “inflate” opening button and attach the bag, then blow a puff of air into the bag and roll it towards the pad.  It works like magic.  After 20 to 30 puffs your pad is fully inflated and ready to go.  Just place inside your tent – or your living room!  I realized that it would be great for guests and not as bulky as the last two blow up beds I purchased for the last round of friends from Australia.  Also, it stores easily and I can use it for camping as well as for visiting friends.

Another great feature is that because the Klymit has many interconnected chambers for the air inside the pad, this means that when you have two people on the pad, you won’t disturb the other person with your movements. This makes for a great nights sleep.  The construction is very good with top materials and has a nice luxury feel to it.


Laying on my pad checking out the view from my tent!  Next, get the fire going and some coffee!

To pack up the Klymit you simply unplug the button titled “deflate” and the air comes out easily.  Literally it took just a minute or two to deflate the pad.  As you can tell I am highly impressed with this pad and recommend it to friends.

I bought mine from Amazon and here is a link to the Kymit Double V Insulated Sleeping Pad where you can purchase the pad or read other reviews.  Klymit also makes other styles and sizes in sleeping pads and even an insulated hammock!



Weight: 52 oz/1.47 kg

Dimensions: 47″ x 74″ x 3″ / 119 cm x 188 cm x 7.6 cm

R-Value: 4.4

Inflation: 20-30 breaths and 10 pumps from stuff sack

Pack Size: 7″ x 12″ / 17.8 cm x 30.5 cm

Fabric: 75 D Polyester

Warranty: Limited Lifetime


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