Morten Hilmer’s Journey To Photograph The Musk Oxen Of Dovre, Norway

The Musk Oxen of Dovre from Morten Hilmer on Vimeo.

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“I went to the mountains of Dovre in Norway with one goal in my mind – to find and photograph the fascinating musk oxen. I hoped and begged for snow, high winds and fog and I got it all. I was with the oxen for three days – day and night. Each morning when I arose they were resting less than 300 meters from my tent – it was an unforgettable experience.”  ~ Morten Hilmer

Morten Hilmer is one of the greatest wildlife photographers in the world.  He explores the harshest regions of our planet, often using a dog sled or snow shoes to reach remote areas where nature is undisturbed.  In this film, Morten takes us to the place of the Musk Oxen, to their habitat and photographs them as they live in this beautiful, cold, crystalline and dramatic ice landscape covered in snow in Dovre, Norway.

The Musk Oxen with their mostly chocolate colored coats stand out against the stark white of the landscape.  Morten looks into their eyes and their souls as he photographs them.

Silence of the North


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