Oceanscapes 28/ Sky on Fire

Oceanscapes  28/  Sky on Fire
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Oceanscapes  28/  Sky on Fire

The other day I posted Oceanscapes 27/ Fairy Light on Cardiff Beach.  I mentioned that after the magical pink light – made by fairies of course – had enveloped the beach and the sky, the light made its magical way into a spectacular sky of fire before it crested and turned into the darkness over the ocean.   I promised to show you the evolution.  Well, here it is.  This is the result – the triumph of the sky over Cardiff Beach on that same night.  A twilight time of brilliant color.

I must admit that the birds of the beach have a great place to live – every day is different, yet totally amazing.  You never see the same colors or sky again. Like a kaleidoscope – ever changing.   This is Cardiff State Beach, near San Diego on the California coast.



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