Oceanscapes: Every Day Is An Ocean Day 10/ “La Jolla, The Jewel of the Sea”

Oceanscapes: Every Day Is An Ocean Day  10/  “La Jolla, The Jewel of the Sea”
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Oceanscapes: Every Day Is An Ocean Day  10/  “La Jolla, The Jewel of the Sea”

The name “La Jolla” is Spanish for “The Jewel”.  The village of La Jolla wraps around the rugged Pacific Ocean coastline of California.  Although La Jolla is one of the most affluent communities in the United States, it still has a small town feeling due to its location.  I worked in the village for a summer as a lawyer several years ago.  It was a great summer.  Now I come here to take photographs of the ocean and the seals and wildlife.  Although people call La Jolla “The Jewel”, I think it should be called “La Jolla, The Jewel of the Sea”.  Why?  Because without the sea La Jolla would lose its magic.  The biggest attraction is the Pacific Ocean and the wildlife.  Thousands of people come here to watch the ocean roar into the cliffs, to swim on the small beaches nestled into coves, to kayak along the ocean front, and to view the sunsets.  The sunsets at La Jolla are the main event of each day.  Everyone turns to the ocean as this part of the Earth spins away from the Sun.  Of course this happens every day in every part of the world.  But here it really is an event and people pay attention to it – mostly because of its spectacular beauty.  

About the Oceanscapes Project:

Most of my friends know that I love the beach.  I decided to do a new feature on Happy Bondi called Oceanscapes.  I’ll post a photograph of the ocean every day. (Well, almost every day.  I might miss a day and then another day post more than once for the project).  Let’s see how many images I can come up with over the next year.  Dispatches from the beach should be really fun.  I hope you will follow along with me as I post a new beach image each day.  

So here is Oceanscape 10/.  I haven’t put an end number such as 1/365 because I don’t know what the end number will be.  I have some favorites to post too.  Daily Oceanscapes should be really fun.  Here is to “every day being an ocean day”!  Wish me luck.  :)  







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