Oceanscapes: Every Day Is An Ocean Day 13/ “Rainbow of Colors”

Oceanscapes: Every Day Is An Ocean Day  13/  “Rainbow of Colors”
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Oceanscapes: Every Day Is An Ocean Day  13/  “Rainbow of Colors” 

Today’s Oceanscape reminded me of a rainbow because of the colors in the sky.  Like a rainbow, the sky changes minute by minute.  To capture the colors late in the day like this I have to use a tripod.  Sometimes I don’t but then I always try to hold my breath and hope for the best or look for a post or a wall or something to lean against or a rock to balance the camera on.  Recently I have been using a Manfrotto tripod that is compact and light weight.  When I was traveling through the Southwest and over to New Mexico and the National Parks of Zion and Bryce it really came in handy.  Hiking up and down steep trails you really notice the weight and the bulkiness of a big and heavy tripod.  So I was really happy to have the Manfrotto with me as it lessened my load.  I was able to travel a lot quicker with less weight and bulk too.  For the beach it is not so much of a problem for weight or bulk but it is nice to be able to set up quickly and move around easily.

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About the Oceanscapes Project:

Most of my friends know that I love the beach.  I decided to do a new feature on Happy Bondi called Oceanscapes.  I’ll post a photograph of the ocean every day. (Well, almost every day.  I might miss a day and then another day post more than once for the project).  Let’s see how many images I can come up with over the next year.  Dispatches from the beach should be really fun.  I hope you will follow along with me as I post a new beach image each day.  

So here is Oceanscape 13/.  I haven’t put an end number such as 1/365 because I don’t know what the end number will be.  I have some favorites to post too.  Daily Oceanscapes should be really fun.  Here is to “every day being an ocean day”!  Wish me luck.  :)  

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