Oceanscapes: Every Day Is An Ocean Day 18/ La Jolla, California

Oceanscapes: Every Day Is An Ocean Day  18/ La Jolla, California
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Oceanscapes: Every Day Is An Ocean Day  18/ La Jolla, California

Walking along the coast of La Jolla from La Jolla Cove down past Shell Beach is one of my favorite things to do.  After a big day outside taking photographs and enjoying the ocean, we went back over to La Jolla.  My buddy said the clouds were awesome and there would be some great light even though it had been raining earlier.  The storm clouds could give us some wonderful details and the sky might open up with lots of color.  We were lucky enough to get a spot to park as it is always pretty busy in La Jolla especially down by the cliffs and the tide pools.  Ocean watching and seal watching is practically an Olympic sport down here.  The seals come to rest at the children’s pool and have their pups.  Hundreds of pups are born each year and the mothers teach their young how to swim and hunt for food.  They rest on the small stretch of protected sand.  Since the walkway along the shore is higher up on the cliff tops you can look down on the seals on the beach and the pelicans who reside on the side of the cliffs along with cormorants and lots of other birds.  This is one of my favorite places in San Diego to see wildlife and of course to watch the ocean.  After you can always get a cup of coffee and a pastry or go for dinner up top or at La Jolla Shores.  

One of my favorite restaurants is Osteria Romantica.  It’s an Italian restaurant with the checked tablecloths and the staff is like family.  They know everyone so there are always hugs and kisses on the cheek and great food and wine.  It is also a great place for romantic dinners after kayaking or taking a photo walk.  

About the Oceanscapes Project:

Most of my friends know that I love the beach.  I decided to do a new feature on Happy Bondi called Oceanscapes.  I’ll post a photograph of the ocean every day. (Well, almost every day.  I might miss a day and then another day post more than once for the project).  Let’s see how many images I can come up with over the next year.  Dispatches from the beach should be really fun.  I hope you will follow along with me as I post a new beach image each day.  

So here is Oceanscape 18/.  I haven’t put an end number such as 1/365 because I don’t know what the end number will be.  I have some favorites to post too.  Daily Oceanscapes should be really fun.  Here is to “every day being an ocean day”!  Wish me luck.  :)  







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