Oceanscapes: Every Day Is An Ocean Day 19/ Paddleboarding Along the Coast of California

Oceanscapes: Every Day Is An Ocean Day  19/ Paddleboarding Along the Coast of California
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Oceanscapes: Every Day Is An Ocean Day  19/ Paddleboarding Along the Coast of California

Paddle boarding is my favorite sport along with kayaking on the ocean.  They are similar in a way but each has its strong points.  It’s a bit easier to do photography while in a kayak I have to admit!  Even in the winter you can take out your paddle board and head down the coastline.  As long as the wind and the surf is not too strong its no problem.  It’s interesting because recently I wrote a post about an international windsurfer and she lives for the wind.  The wind creates her sport.  I am just the opposite.  The wind is not my friend. For one thing it makes it very difficult on a stand up paddle board because you have a lot of body parts out of the water.  I have had times when it was better to sit and paddle rather than try to fight the wind.  Less resistance!  No good paddling for half an hour in one spot.  It’s like those endless pools where the current is strong and you go nowhere.  Anyway, I like calm days.  I’d love to be able to surf with my board but I don’t think that is in the cards for me.  I like paddling along the coast, and being able to take some photographs and watch the birds fly low overhead as well as the seals that pop up out of the water.  You can see one of the seals in the photographs below.  They are really curious and like to come close to see what you are doing!

About the Oceanscapes Project:

Most of my friends know that I love the beach.  I decided to do a new feature on Happy Bondi called Oceanscapes.  I’ll post a photograph of the ocean every day. (Well, almost every day.  I might miss a day and then another day post more than once for the project).  Let’s see how many images I can come up with over the next year.  Dispatches from the beach should be really fun.  I hope you will follow along with me as I post a new beach image each day.  

So here is Oceanscape 19/.  I haven’t put an end number such as 1/365 because I don’t know what the end number will be.  I have some favorites to post too.  Daily Oceanscapes should be really fun.  Here is to “every day being an ocean day”!  Wish me luck.  :)  


The curious little seal.  He started to swim towards me. I had just enough time to get the camera and take a picture before he went under the water.


Taken with a Fuji underwater camera.  You can see the coastline in the distance.  The water forms all kinds of interesting patterns.


North of La Jolla Shores.  You can see the cliffs in the distance and the kelp in the water.  There are a lot of kelp beds close to shore here.  They help to moderate the waves as well.  Great for paddle boarding and kayaking.


Capturing the winter light.


My friend paddling past La Jolla Cove.  Great light that day.

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