Oceanscapes Project No. 53

Oceanscapes Project No. 53
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Like so much in life, we see a reflection of ourselves in everything we do.  If we think good things then we also see good things.  I love the ocean and the beauty it brings into our lives.

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    Looking at Commander Scott Kelly's images from space reminded me of the beauty of our planet.  Orbiting above the Earth Commander Kelly's images from the Space Station are beyond imagination.  The colors are incredible as well as the dimensions.  Recent images from Australia show patterns on the land with large…
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    Continuing on with the Oceanscapes Project!  Some days when I photograph the beach the light has a very soft quality.  I like these day as the sky turns from blue to a soft pink and then to a tangerine orange before it goes to red and then to the darkness…
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    Purple is my favorite color.  No surprise there.  So far the Oceanscapes Project has been coming along.  I don't post everyday in the project because I think people need a little space.  Taking these images are what I like to do the most.  Nothing better than seeing a gorgeous sky…
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    Have a wonderful day filled with sunshine and happiness!  Hit a milestone today with the 50th post for the Oceanscapes Project.  Now its onward to 100 and then 1000.  Why not?  I hope you enjoy the photographs from the beach.
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