Smith Optics Overtake MIPS Helmet

$98.98 (as of January 11, 2018, 1:00 am)

Shell Material: Aerocore technology featuring Koroyd
Impact Foam: Koroyd, EPS (foam)
Ventilation: Aerocore

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For cyclists who can appreciate the aerodynamic, weight savings, and heat evacuation of the new Overtake Helmet, but who also haven’t forgotten a bike helmet’s first and most important job, Smith is offering the new Overtake with MIPS technology. This isn’t to say that the regular Overtake is unsafe — in fact, quite the opposite is true courtesy of Koroyd’s impact absorbing properties. But just because something is good, doesn’t mean it can’t be better. By incorporating MIPS, Smith has proven that there is always room for improvement. MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact System) addresses the specific pressures of an oblique, or non-direct impact, by separating the outer shell from the inner, MIPS layer. In the event of an angled impact, the outer layer slides across the MIPS layer, dissipating rotational force to reduce dome deformation. Since the impact of cycling crashes tends to happen at angles other than 90 degrees, this added element of protection will likely come into play if you take an unfortunate tumble. The rest of the features are the same as those of the non-MIPS Overtake, including the distinctive Koroyd layer. Koroyd is what Smith is calling the funny looking layer of honeycomb matter that runs beneath the outer shell and more traditional EPS foam. It’s made of thousands of tiny, extruded co-polymer tubes that absorb impact but have a fenestrated surface that allows for a level of breathability impossible to achieve with solid EPS foam while absorbing a claimed 30% more energy. Plus, it’s pretty cool looking, especially in Smith’s mix of contrasting and complementary color schemes. Now for aerodynamics, which has become the buzz word in cycling helmets of late. Smith is aware that the Overtake would have to stack up against the industry’s best in this department or it would be received as just another novelty act, so it brought in Len Brownlie, an aerodynamics guru whose CV includes helping Commonwealth Games champion Tara Whitten dial her time tria…
Shell Material: Aerocore technology featuring Koroyd
Impact Foam: Koroyd, EPS (foam)
Ventilation: Aerocore
Visor: no
Certifications: Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets (16 CFR Part 1203)

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