Surfing Sunset Cliffs

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Surfing Sunset Cliffs: More Than Just a Surf Break

Sunset Cliffs is a hidden paradise known to locals for great waves, beautiful views and magnificent sunsets.  The Cliffs are located in Point Loma, San Diego.  Just follow Sunset Cliffs Boulevard south to the edge of the Pacific.  The road will wind around the top of the cliffs affording views out into the Pacific Ocean.


Sunset Cliffs

Sunset Cliffs


To get to the beach you need to walk or climb down one of the many trails.  Take one of the more developed trails as the Cliffs are dangerous and many a person has ended up at the bottom of the cliffs.  These trails down to the beach require a little agility and the ability to carry your surfboard both up and down the cliffs.  Sunset Cliffs is actually a series of reef breaks along the coast.


When entering and exiting the water be careful because the waves can throw you back onto the reefs.  Be especially careful at high tide.  Try to follow the other surfers who know the area well to avoid injury.  Paddle outs take a long time and currents can mean that you are unable to exit the waves at the same location that you entered.  So keep track of your location.  Generally, the best waves are found during medium to low tide and beginner to intermediate surfers should surf only when the waves are smaller and leave the big waves to experienced surfers as the Cliffs can become dangerous if you do not have local knowledge of the reefs. 


Sunset Cliffs

Sunset Cliffs

Sunset in particular is a popular time to be at the Cliffs.  Often there are brides and grooms saying their “I do’s” and plenty of people just taking in the final light of the day.  Sunset Cliffs is one of the most inspiring locations in San Diego.  Check it out when you come to San Diego! 

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