The Stars of Joshua Tree

ReflectionVOID from Page Films on Vimeo.

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*Recommended: dark viewing environment / 4K or HD resolution / quality sound

A short film by Lance Page
Original music by Lorn

After dusk in the high desert, as the sky quickly darkens, a lone hiker stumbles across a window into another world. As the man approaches the portal, he is met with his own reflection and we suddenly sink into the ReflectionVOID.

In the VOID, scattered portals reflect star patterns against deep black skies. The stars sing to us, but the relentless nature of the high desert reminds us of our mortality. The razor sharp cactus blades and the cold jagged rock formations threaten our fragile bodies. The portals allow us a deeper perspective, they show us the Universe as we reach into our souls for cosmic significance. As we sink deeper into the unknown, we’re met with a tall human-like figure, a mysterious desert dweller with a purpose and a message.

Watch our behind the scenes documentary for more:

There Will Be Portals: Making of ReflectionVOID

A Page Films / Cinematic Syndicate Production
Produced by Lance Page and Jesse Andrew Clark

Original Music by Lorn

Gear and production support:

Vizual Jockey
Refraction Film Company San Diego
Alpine Labs

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